About Us

Founded in 1990, MVTRAC helps organizations recover stolen or delinquent collateral, detect fraud, deter criminal activity and more through The Intelligent Data Network™. Through this secure exchange system, MVTRAC aligns real-time data capture with approved hotlists, connecting public and private organizations to intelligence that improves an operation’s response time and performance. Designed to be the most comprehensive network of motor vehicle data in the nation, MVTRAC delivers operational benefits that can ultimately promote nationwide transportation safety.

How does it work? First member organizations upload their data and hotlists into the network. MVTRAC then distributes this data across its national system of fixed and mobile camera units that capture vehicle license plate images in real time. When a match is found, the member organization is alerted and directed to the resources to respond as needed, based on the specific needs of the organization. For auto finance lenders, this means repossessing the asset. For law enforcement, this means locating a vehicle of interest.

The uploaded hotlist data can also be cross-referenced with shared databases in the network from other members, and intelligence providers participating in The Intelligent Data Network.

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