Case Claim

Stay confidently compliant.

Experience safer, more efficient and compliant recoveries.

Rather than an agent having to call in a vehicle and wait for verbal confirmation on an account, take the human element out of the equation all together. Case claim is a completely digitized, automated process for agents that works within seconds to confirm a vehicle is still out for repossession. This leads to safer vehicle recoveries and compliant repossessions.

How it Works

Agent enters license plate or VIN of a found vehicle

Accessible from Clearplan or DRN’s CarDetector interface, agents can submit the vehicle license plate or VIN to begin the verification process.


We automatically validate and confirm order status

With direct integration into our lending client’s RDN, iRepo or other assignment platforms, the order is automatically validated and status confirmed.


Geographic suppressions and moratoriums are checked

For added piece of mind we also check for any suppressions and moratoriums based on the real-time location of the agent to ensure compliance.


The agent is screened, approved and assigned for pickup

Within seconds, the agent is double checked for approval to pickup and upon passing, is assigned to the order and able to initiate the repossession.


Order reporting automatically begins with data recorded

With all the data gathered thus far, reports are automatically created and auto-filled with information like agent and vehicle information, time, date and location.

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