Smart Assign

Forwarding just got faster.

More accurate assignments. Faster recoveries.

Once we receive historical scan data and advanced analytics, Smart Assign identifies the most qualified, pre-approved agent for direct assignment orders, ensuring vehicles are found and recovered faster. This helps lenders avoid more charge-offs and recoup more revenue, and focuses agent time and effort most efficiently so they don’t waste time looking for a needle in the haystack.

How it Works

Lender submits an order for direct assignment

With seamless integration into assignment platforms like RDN, iRepo and others, lenders can seamlessly submit orders for direct assignment.


We analyze data from across our agent network

Once MV receives a new direct assignment, Smart Assign’s proprietary algorithm considers billions of datapoints in order to identify the best recovery address.


The best, pre-approved agent is identified for assignment

With further analysis of recent scan activity and cross-checks for assignment approval, the best agent for the job is selected for the assignment.


Our forwarding and skip teams validate the selection

Because the data doesn’t always tell us everything, our expert forwarding and skip teams do a final validation of the selected agent prior to assignment.


The agent is sent the assignment and pickup details

Upon final approval from our teams, the selected agent is sent the order for acceptance along with the relevant pickup location details.

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