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A Closer Look at Deep Skip, Part 2: Additional Deep Skip Repossession Tools and Tactics

We talked in part one of this blog about how Deep Skip differs from basic Skip Tracing and when it makes sense for agents to use these resources. Beyond the investigative and surveillance tactics involved in Deep Skip, some cases may escalate to additional Deep Skip tools including replevins and bonds. Replevins are court orders to seize a vehicle. Law enforcement typically doesn’t get involved with vehicle repossessions as they’re viewed as civil issues. However, if a skiptracer can confirm an address of the collateral a replevin can be obtained by the lender.  A replevin can be an effective tactic

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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Medina

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: The culture within the company & the team approach to overcome the ever changing needs of our Clients and Repossession Vendor Partners. Q: How has MVTRAC helped you grow since working here? A: It has allowed me to network with hundreds of

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Employee Spotlight: Eric Daehn

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: This company thrives on the team approach. When there are problems to be solved or a goal that needs to be reached we all come together. Upper management recognizes employees’ individual strengths and can create a team instantly to communicate

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How Recovery Agents are Working Smarter using LPR Data

MVTrac partners with more than 500 recovery agents nationwide. And because these agents play such an important role in the repo process, we wanted to understand more about how they work and the challenges they face. Recovery agents typically work six days a week, with 8-10 hour shifts during the

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