The MVTRAC Difference: Working Hard to Put Agents First

At MVTRAC, we’re proud of how we’ve built our business with repossession agents in mind. Having grown up in the repo business myself, I have a deep understanding of what agents go through on a day-to-day basis, their pain points and challenges, and how to address them. This unique perspective has helped us evolve from a local, Chicago-based business to one with a national presence that’s creating unique tools and programs to help agents be successful.

One of these is our Case Claim tool. We know that for agents, time is money, so time wasted waiting on address validations and order approvals equals dollars out the door. Case Claim removes that risk by streamlining the process – when an agent scans a vehicle, Case Claim automatically confirms the order status and address information, then screens and approves the agent for pickup. This eliminates wait time for the agent, helping them recover the vehicle more quickly and efficiently and opening up opportunities for more assignments.

In addition, MVTRAC takes data quality seriously and goes the extra mile to ensure its integrity. Where other forwarders may be quick to push assignments and leave the validation legwork to agents, we put time and effort into ensuring data is accurate and only make assignments based on that verified data. We’ve worked hard and invested in tools to ensure we’re putting the right agents on the right assignments with the right data … helping them do their jobs better.

With our backgrounds deep in the repossession business, we also understand the importance of cash flow to recovery agents and have prioritized the ability to pay agents faster. We continually advocate for rate adjustments and are a champion for agents in terms of pay structure and working conditions. We’ve developed incentive programs for our agents and are proud of the strong, family-like relationships we maintain with our network. We – along with DRN – even created a program at the start of the pandemic shutdown to pay agents for continuing to scan and collect data when active repossessions had been halted. 

We understand that when our agents are successful, so are the lenders, and so is MVTRAC. Whether you’re an agent or a lender, we’re ready to partner with you. Please contact us here.

About the author:

Garry is the EVP of Business Development. working directly with Auto Finance Executives, and repossession agency owners on various levels of business synthesis to create the most beneficial arrangement for those who are engaged with MVTRAC. Garry attended North Park University where he studied Criminal Law and Business Administration. Garry uses his legacy experience as a second-generation recovery specialist to evolve the recovery profession to maximize success for clients and agents in this ever-changing industry.