Introducing Cortney Osborne, the New COO of MVTRAC, Driving Unprecedented Growth for DRN and MVTRAC

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable milestone in the journey of DRN and MVTRAC. Cortney Osborne, our very own Chief Revenue Officer, has now assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer for MVTRAC, propelling our companies to new heights of success and growth. This transition marks an exciting chapter filled with unparalleled opportunities for our clients and industry partners.


Under Cortney’s leadership, DRN and MVTRAC have experienced tremendous achievements, solidifying our position as industry leaders. Her visionary strategies, unwavering dedication, and deep understanding of the auto finance, recovery, and repossession sectors have been instrumental in driving our continued success.


Since joining our team, Cortney has spearheaded the transformation of our sales, business development, client services, and customer support teams, elevating our DRNsights product suite to greater heights. Her commitment to building robust client relationships, fostering strategic account management, and empowering our sales and account teams with a high level of business intelligence has resulted in exceptional outcomes for our valued clients.


Cortney’s impressive background in the industry was garnered during her 18-year tenure as Chief Client Officer at one of the largest national recovery companies. This experience has provided her with invaluable expertise and a deep-rooted understanding of the market. She played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the repossession and skip services business, leading the development of a groundbreaking forwarder LPR dispatch process in 2009. Cortney’s exceptional leadership skills were also instrumental in securing client relationships and managing the growth of the company across all divisions.


Now, as COO of MVTRAC, Cortney will continue her remarkable journey of innovation, thought leadership, and unparalleled client service. Her drive, passion, and commitment to exceeding client expectations will shape the future of our companies and drive our growth to unprecedented heights.


Cortney shares her excitement about this new chapter, stating, “The MVTrac team has built a solid foundation based upon integrity and strong values. We are launching many improved and new products that I am excited to share with our customers. One specifically, is MVRemarket, which takes the MVTrac suite of products to a full cradle-to-grave offering. I feel honored to lead such a talented team of recovery experts, as we take MVTrac to the next level.”


As we embark on this journey together, we invite you to join us in congratulating Cortney Osborne on her well-deserved promotion to COO of MVTRAC. Her indomitable spirit, extensive industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly drive DRN and MVTRAC to unprecedented success.

We are honored to have Cortney as our COO, guiding our companies and driving industry transformation. Exciting times are ahead and we anticipate our continued growth together.


Jeremiah Wheeler
President, DRN and MVTRAC

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