A Closer Look at Deep Skip, Part 2: Additional Deep Skip Repossession Tools and Tactics

We talked in part one of this blog about how Deep Skip differs from basic Skip Tracing and when it makes sense for agents to use these resources. Beyond the investigative and surveillance tactics involved in Deep Skip, some cases may escalate to additional Deep Skip tools including replevins and bonds.

Replevins are court orders to seize a vehicle. Law enforcement typically doesn’t get involved with vehicle repossessions as they’re viewed as civil issues. However, if a skiptracer can confirm an address of the collateral a replevin can be obtained by the lender.  A replevin can be an effective tactic for recovering a vehicle.

Bonds also involve the courts but come into play when a vehicle has been left at a body shop or other location. Shops tend to falsify or deprive lenders of their property by overstating  the repairs and/or storage on a vehicle.  Lenders can work through an attorney to secure a bond, which allows him or her to take possession of the vehicle and the shop would have to go to court to prove the validity of the repairs.

DRN and MVTRAC have deep expertise, resources and contacts across the industry that make us the experts in Skip Tracing and Deep Skip. Contact us to talk about how all of this can help you find your most elusive assets.

About the author:

Eric is the Senior Skip and Forwarding Manager / Caseworker III at MVTrac and has been with the company since June 2006. With more than 20 years of experience in the recovery business, he works with his team to improve their recovery strategies by optimizing their skills to recover client's collateral. He manages the skip and forwarding dept, manages client relations, and maintains relationships with agents.