MVTrac for Lenders

Vehicle recovery you can rely on.

Increase your reach, improve efficiency and ensure compliance

At MVTrac, we’re focused on one thing: developing and providing leading technology and unique expertise that connects you with the largest, most highly qualified repossession agent network in the business. The results? Helping you avoid charge-offs and protect your bottom line.

Extensive Reach

Our network of 600+ agents in 300+ small, mid-size and major markets provides nationwide coverage to find your vehicles fast.

Flexible Offerings

With active and passive repossession assignment options available, we ensure qualified agents recover vehicles in line with your needs, standards, and processes.

Efficient Recovery

Case Claim automates repossession processing and verification by taking the human element out of the equation, ensuring compliant recovery.

Leading Compliance

We use a rigorous compliance process with our agents to ensure fully compliant, real-time recoveries.

Management Simplicity

We’re integrated with RDN, iRepo and others for seamless submission of your repossession orders without a need to adopt a new system.

Complete Transparency

Monitor your success with live status updates, custom and pre-built reports, agent scorecards and any other documentation you want at your fingertips.


Available Offerings

Active Assignment

Forwarding and Skip

Using historical scan data and advanced analytics, Smart Assign identifies the best approved agent for the job. Combined with our highly experienced skip trace and forwarding teams, we ensure assets and revenue are recovered sooner.

Passive Assignment

License plate recognition (LPR) Staging or Shadowing

In partnership with Digital Recognition Network (DRN) for LPR data, our agents scan 200+ million plates per month. This data collection engine is key to making passive assignment so effective in locating hard-to-find vehicles. Coupled with an active assignment strategy, you can maximize the power of LPR data for real-time repossessions.