MVTRAC for Agents

Recover more for less.

Improve the efficiency of your recoveries

At MVTrac, we’re focused on one thing: developing and providing leading technology and unique expertise that connects you with more lenders, more assignments and industry-leading insights to help you successfully locate vehicles faster and more efficiently.

More Assignments

Purchase Digital Recognition Network (DRN) license plate recognition camera systems and access over 250,000 active cases from over 135 lending partners.

Safe & Sound Recovery

Case Claim automates processing and verification to eliminate time wasted on the phone and ensure fast, accurate repossession.

Amplify Productivity

The more you scan, the more you can recover. Smart Assign automates direct assignments to agents based on historical scan data and advanced analytics.

Operational Simplicity

Run your business your way. We’re fully integrated with leading systems like RDN, iRepo, Clearplan and more, each of which includes direct access to Case Claim.

Training & Education

Take advantage of our continuous educational resources and training to ensure you’re compliant and can pick up any vehicle for any of our lenders.

Performance Bonuses

On top of prompt industry-leading pay, we offer a generous bonus program that rewards our most successful agents and incentivizes everyone to perform at their best.


Assignment Types:

Active Assignment

Using historical scan data and advanced analytics, Smart Assign ensures you get direct assignments from lenders that you are most qualified to find and repossess. This means you’re spending less time searching and more time recovering vehicles which increases revenue.

Passive Assignment

In partnership with Digital Recognition Network (DRN) for LPR data, your scans will be put to work to help you recover more vehicles. Features like Advanced Alerts will even proactively guide your efforts so you’re recovering more vehicles, more quickly.