Streamline your asset recovery, re-titling, and remarketing processes to minimize cost and asset depreciation with MVFastTrac

Welcome to MVTRAC

MVTRAC is home to The Intelligent Data Network™, a motorist/vehicle information network between the public and private sector designed to promote transportation safety, recover delinquent collateral, detect fraud and deter criminal activity.

Asset recovery with MVTRAC technology

MVTRAC utilizes a centralized database that receives license plate image reads from remote systems in real time via the Internet. The license plate reader systems can be either fixed or mobile, and utilize a wired, Wi-Fi, or Verizon wireless broadband connection.

Administrators can update or load new hotlists as well as perform other management tasks. Clients are partitioned to give selective views of the plate reads. On site installation is provided with 24/7 customer support and training, to ensure our clients get the most out of their MVTRAC systems.

Public Safety

Police departments around the country are using plate-reading technology to identify stolen cars. Instead of manually typing plate numbers into a computer, officers on patrol can check thousands of cars against stolen car databases as they pass them on the street.


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